Using Mediation to Resolve Caregiver Conflicts

There sometimes comes a point when your elderly loved one needs assistance with day to day living. These caregiving duties often fall on the shoulders of their adult children or other close family. Ideally, family members can share responsibilities, but unfortunately this is not always possible, either due to lack of extra help or inability to cooperate.

Caregivers need strong support systems, and sometimes that can be found from others who are in the same situation. Siblings should be able to turn to each other, but conflict can arise. This creates tension, resentment and sometimes even leads to litigation. If you can, work with a mediator before you take it to court. A mediator can lead the parties to come to a mutual agreement, instead of deciding for you as a judge would in court.

Mediation works for many situations that involve conflict resolution. Some people consider it part of the path to litigation, but in fact it’s the opposite. The mediator acts as a neutral third party, and even while sometimes they may be an elder law attorney, they are not there to offer legal advice or represent any party, acting only as a guide toward mutual agreement.

Have you found yourself in the position where you and other caregivers are battling over issues? Offer the path of mediation before resorting to the courtroom. You can meet with our attorneys here to determine, collectively, the best path forward. To schedule your appointment give us a call today.