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If you are advancing in age, you might be thinking about how to put everything in order for the future. You will want to plan for health care contingencies, ensure the orderly transfer of your assets, and provide for the ongoing protection of your family. Specific legal documents can achieve all of this. Whether you want to draft a will, prepare a special needs trust, or get questions answered about benefits, our experienced estate planning attorneys can help.

Connect with a Somerset elder law attorney today and enjoy peace of mind in your golden years.

What Is Elder Law?

Elder law refers to rules and processes that apply to a group of people as they age. Spanning many areas, elder law can include:

  • Accessing benefits
  • Drafting wills and trusts
  • Drafting powers of attorney
  • Planning for business succession
  • Assisting with guardianship matters
  • Helping prevent or remedy elder abuse
  • Preparing health care directives and living wills
  • Evaluating estate tax, gift tax, and inheritance tax

A lawyer with elder law experience in Somerset can help people navigate the legal system to address all the issues that impact them as they reach retirement age.

Drafting Valid Wills

One elder law area in which a Somerset lawyer can be immensely helpful is wills and trusts. A will is an important document, as it expresses your wishes in regard to your hard-earned assets. It is essential that your will and any related special needs, beneficiary-controlled, or charitable trust be prepared correctly so that everything is legally enforceable in the future. It is worth noting that if you do not draft a will, Pennsylvania intestate succession law is used to distribute your assets, which might not align with your wishes.

Our experienced attorneys can ensure your will is prepared correctly so you can rest easy and be confident that your assets will go where you intend them to. In addition, we can also provide guidance on estate planning strategies to potentially mitigate costly taxes.

Health Care Planning and Advanced Health Care Directives

Just as people want to ensure the orderly transfer of their assets, they also want to control what will happen to them in the event a medical emergency renders them incompetent and unable to make decisions for themselves. An advanced health care directive can make sure their wishes are clear—and an elder law attorney in Somerset can assist with the preparation of all necessary documents.

One kind of advanced health care directive we can prepare for you is a living will. In a living will, you specify what kinds of care you want or do not want in case of incapacity. A living will can have the added benefit of providing comfort for your family members, who have a weight lifted from their shoulders as they know your wishes will be carried out if the worst happens.

Another option is a durable health care power of attorney, in which you give the power to make these kinds of decisions to a trusted person acting as agent. No matter what your goals are, our team takes the time to educate you on all possible options and find the best fit for you and your family.

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As people age, they need to get their financial and medical affairs in order. Whether this involves preparing a will, drafting an advanced health care directive, or investigating potentially untapped benefits, our firm can help.

A Somerset elder law attorney provides invaluable guidance to help you protect both your assets and your dignity. With our advice, you can put your worries aside and trust your family will be taken care of. Call us today for a risk-free consultation.