Our Process and Services

At Sechler Law Firm, LLC our goal is to help you understand your options so that you can make well-informed decisions. Our Estate Planning process is designed to help you make the best decisions given your specific situation. Whether you want to appoint a guardian for your young child or protect you assets from long-term care costs, we’d love to help.

Please review the descriptions of the services below, and simply schedule to attend a workshop HERE or give us a call at 724-841-1393 to get started.

Estate Planning

We all make promises.  Some are spoken, some aren’t.  For example, when we get married, we promise our spouse that we’ll love them and provide for them financially. When we have children, we promise to them that they’ll have a safe place to sleep, food to eat and a moral upbringing.  We promise our spouses that they’ll be financially secure and that our children will be have an opportunity for a better life than we had.

Our job is to help you keep these promises. 

Unfortunately, many lawyers and online document preparation services use the same form documents regardless of the family’s circumstances. At Sechler Law Firm, we don’t simply provide documents. We work with you to provide a customized plan that matches your specific concerns.

Customized planning, however, doesn’t have to be difficult for you. We strive to make the process easy. The first step is to identify your concerns so that we can make suggestions regarding your plan.  We find that families go through a series of stages where their goals and concerns change.  Please review below to help identify what issues you’d like to include in your plan.

Depending on your specific situation, we will invite you to join us for a Free Workshop or initial consultation. Our team is waiting to point you in the right direction.

Planning For Young Families

Young families’ lives are highlighted by new careers, young marriages, first homes and perhaps young children.

From a financial standpoint, you may be paying off student debt, buying a first home and maximizing your 401k or IRA. You’re planning for your kids’ education and trying to give them the best head start possible.  A large focus of your planning will likely be protecting your children and ensuring that they would be provided for in the event of an untimely death or disability.

A paramount issue, if you have children, is to understand who will step into your shoes in the event of an accident. At your initial meeting, we will discuss naming guardians for your kids and how any inheritance should best be administered. We’ll also discuss the coordination of your life insurance and financial accounts to ensure your wishes are carried out.

If this sounds like you, please call for an initial consultation.

Planning For Established Families

Established families may be experiencing career maturity and have children reaching adulthood. Hopefully, you have achieved financial stability.  You may be retired or can see retirement on the horizon.

Your children have probably reached adulthood and you may be considering naming them as back-up decision makers.  Many established families have children who move back in.  Perhaps you are caring for an aging parent. 

You have friends and family members who have had unfortunate health changes. You may be concerned about how a health event such as a heart attack or a stroke would affect your spouse’s ability to maintain an enjoyable retirement. You want to remain in control of your assets but understand that you need to have a strong back up plan. It is time to protect your family and your assets.

If these are your concerns, you should attend an upcoming Estate Planning Workshop to learn more about your options.

Planning For Seniors

Welcome to the Golden Years! This timeframe is retirement, grandchildren and the desire to leave a legacy. Financially, you are living off of your retirement savings and want to make sure that the savings lasts as long as you do. You have had friends who needed long term care and you saw how it affected their family. You may be considering shifting some control and decision making over your finances to your children. You know that your biggest financial threats are taxes and the potential need for long term care, which can cost $100,000 per year.  You’ve heard about Medicaid’s five year lookback period and you want to know your options.

If these are your concerns, please attend an upcoming Estate Planning Workshop to learn more about your options.

Elder Law Crisis Planning

When a senior develops the need for long-term care, the family is affected in many ways. The person may need to ask for help for the first time ever. The family may be weighing care options in the home or in a facility. Unfortunately, families must also make tough financial decisions about how they are going to pay for the care.

If this describes your situation, you are not alone. Many families become overwhelmed by the confusing and fragmented health care system. At Sechler Law Firm, we frequently advise families on how to get the proper care in the most affordable manner possible. Attorney Tim Sechler is one of the region’s few Certified Elder Law Attorneys and has helped dozens of families in similar situations.

We explain the various types of care and the government programs, like Veterans’ Benefits and Medicaid, that can help finance the expenses. We provide Medicaid Spend Down advice and work with you through stressful Medicaid application process. 

With nursing home expenses exceeding $10,000 per month, time is of the essence. We are typically able to schedule a meeting within 72 hours of your call. We handle these cases on a flat fee basis and the first meeting is always free. Call (724) 841-1393 now to schedule your meeting. 

Trust and Estate Administration

If you have lost a loved one, you are surely going through a tough emotional time. Unfortunately, a death can also cause a stressful financial situation. There are proper legal steps to take and some of them have important time limitations. We would be happy to take some of this stress away. We can help you take the necessary steps to properly handle your family’s affairs.

Special Needs Planning

If you have a family member with a disability, you know that you have unique estate planning challenges.  You should be considering using Special Needs Trusts to provide for your family member without negatively affecting their eligibility for government benefits. This plan should be coordinated with the appropriate caregivers to ensure the best possible outcome. 

If you are in need of special needs planning, please call 724-841-1393 to schedule a consultation.