Your New Year’s Resolution: Financial Confidence


Your New Year’s Resolution: Financial Confidence

You’ve worked hard. You’ve saved when others spent and have accumulated some
financial assets. You feel relatively secure that a successful retirement is within
reach unless “something” happens.

Which “somethings” are you worried about? Which “somethings” should you be
worried about? Are you concerned about providing for young children or
grandchildren? Maybe you’re worried about taxes. Perhaps you are a retiree and
you’re worried about what would happen to your spouse if you needed a nursing

Part of the estate planning process is to look at your family’s situation and consider
what “somethings” could get in your way. Once we’ve identified these issues, then
we put proper legal solutions in place to help answer the questions.

Life throws curveballs to all of us and you may not be able to prevent an illness or
disability creeping into your life. However, you can plan for the financial
ramifications of such an event. You can plan to ensure that your potential health
care issues or death has a minimal financial impact on your family. You can plan to
ensure your child or spouse has financial security.

With financial success comes responsibility. It is your job to ensure that life’s
curveballs don’t disrupt your family’s well being. The first step in obtaining
financial confidence is to educate yourself on your potential risks. Then we can craft
a plan together to provide answers to life’s tough questions.