Living Will Attorney Helps Clients Plan for an Unexpected Disability


Living Will Attorney Helps Clients Plan for an Unexpected Disability

Living will attorneys know full well the ramifications of not planning ahead for an unexpected disability. Even those clients who understand the importance of estate planning tend to overlook what would happen if they should become unable to care for themselves. It’s not the happiest thought, but the reality of not having a living will can make the situation considerably worse for both you and your family.

A major disability can be devastating to an entire family, both emotionally and financially. Pre-planning for the possibility can reduce some of the heartache that often accompanies these situations.

Medical Concerns

You may assume that your spouse would simply make decisions for you if and when a major problem takes place. Ask yourself if he or she really wants to be responsible for some of those decisions. For example, if you were in a coma, how would your spouse react to making the choice of whether or not to stop life support? Even if your loved ones know your wishes, simply having them in a formal document can remove a considerable burden and amount of potential guilt.

A living will attorney can help you to draw up these documents so that your family does not have to make these choices. The attorney can also assist by offering insight into situations you likely wouldn’t have considered. Are you opposed to a blood transfusion? Are you adamantly against ending life support? What needs to happen if you become mentally disabled? Who should be given power of attorney over your other health-related issues?

Financial Concerns

Having a major illness or injury is very expensive and can keep you from working during and after hospitalization. Your living will attorney will also advise you on what needs to happen financially if you are unable to take care of your own needs. For example, you will likely set up a power of attorney, as well as to determine how long-term care will be paid for. Will you need to sell your house? Will you be eligible for disability insurance? These are all questions that the living will attorney will go over with you.

There are plenty of other considerations that need to be addressed by a living will attorney. From what will happen to your children, to where you might end up in nursing care, there are choices that need to be made. Planning in advance with your attorney will ensure that your wishes are being followed if the time should come.

If you are ready to get started in creating a plan that will protect you and your family should incapacity or disability occur, give our office a call to learn more.