If Not Now, When?


If Not Now, When?

Over the last two months, many of us have gone through different levels of fear, anxiety and frustration.  We’ve have to recognize that COVID-19 could dramatically impact our health.  For the first time, perhaps, many people have had to contemplate their own mortality.

We’ve had to take a serious look at a very dangerous disease and ask ourselves tough questions:  What happens if I get sick?  What happens if I pass away?  What about my other family members?  Who is going to make my healthcare decisions?

Two fairly recent studies have shown that only about one-third of adults have done any estate planning.  Far fewer have done more complex planning like preparing for long term care or trust-based planning for minors. 

I think there are a couple reasons why people don’t complete planning.  First, there’s a common thought of “that won’t happen to me”.  Well, COVID-19 definitely disagrees with that excuse. 

A second reason people put off planning is that they “just don’t have the time.”  Well,  here again, many of us currently have way too much time on our hands.  Why not do something extremely productive and responsible?  Trust me, Netflix will be there after you complete your will!

Finally, I think many people don’t know where to start.  Our normal answer is to invite people to a free in-person workshop.  Obviously, we can’t do that now.  Instead, we have packed our website with helpful information.  I recorded myself doing three different workshops and they are available for free at sechlerlawfirm.com/workshops. 

Then, we can follow up with a free phone call or video conference to understand your preference.  Finally, we’ll offer a drive-up signing meeting at our office.  You can sign your new will from the comfort of your car. 

Estate planning has never been more important.  With the process outlined above, it’s never been easier.  So, I ask you, If not now, when?

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