Helping Seniors Use Rideshare Services When They Are Unable to Drive


Helping Seniors Use Rideshare Services When They Are Unable to Drive

As seniors start experiencing the changes associated with aging, one of their most common fears is losing their independence. Pittsburgh elder attorneys recognize that a chief catalyst of such fears is often when the senior loses the ability to drive. 

A senior’s ability to operate a vehicle may be affected by a loss of vision or hearing, by delays in their reaction time, or physical limitations caused by arthritis or other conditions. Fortunately, transportation options have changed greatly over the years, even in areas where public transportation isn’t readily accessible. Specifically, ridesharing services are becoming an excellent alternative for seniors who wish to remain independent but no longer feel safe on the road. 

Many people are familiar with Uber and Lyft, the two most popular ridesharing services across the country. Services like these are accessible through a smartphone app, making them easier to arrange than a traditional taxi service. For senior citizens who aren’t tech savvy and may not have a smartphone, both Uber and Lyft have connections to third-party vendors that make it easier for seniors to arrange a rideshare. These vendors often partner with senior centers and facilities that work with the elderly to provide access to transportation. They also act as a bridge between seniors and rideshare services by making arrangements over the phone instead of through an app.

Aside from Uber and Lyft, there are other rideshare services that are geared towards meeting the needs of the elderly. Services like Go Go Grandparent, Arrive, Envoy, and Drive a Senior can be arranged without the need for a smartphone app. They also offer additional features such as mobility assistance and companionship. As a bonus, some of these services for seniors are free or offered at a reduced cost. 

Ridesharing services are very aware of the growing senior population and are working towards making sure that they’re ready and able to meet the specific needs of the elderly. Their goal is to make life easier for their customers, whether it’s a senior citizen needing a ride to a doctor’s appointment or a family member who is too busy or too far away to take them. Helping seniors get around for medical appointments, errands, or social activities allows them to maintain their independence and gives their loved ones some peace of mind.

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