The Three Things Everyone Wants


The Three Things Everyone Wants

If you’ve been reading my articles, you know that estate planning can be complicated.  The documents we use are lengthy.  The estate laws are constantly changing.  The long term care rules are even more complicated.   There’s at least 7 different taxes that impact estate planning.  It’s all so overwhelming!  So, what do you do?

My advice is to focus on your family and your goals.  Focus on what you want to accomplish and then let us recommend solutions.  In our collective decades of experience, most of our clients tend to want the same three things:

  • First, they want to have a plan to make sure their spouse or family is in control if they get sick.
  • Second, when they do pass away, they want the process to be as easy as possible on their heirs.
  • Third, they want to protect what they have from long term care expenses, creditors or unnecessary taxes.

Sound about right?  Of course it does.  How could anyone not want to accomplish those goals?

By focusing on the goals we can make things simple.  Simple, but not easy.  We still have to use the lengthy documents because the laws are complex, but that’s our job. Your job is to focus on your goals.  And if the three goals above (or any others) are keeping you awake at night, give us a call.  We make the complicated stuff seem simple. 

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