Memorial Day and the Old .45


Memorial Day and the Old .45

While Memorial Day is a great opportunity to get together for family fun, the true meaning of Memorial Day is a bit more somber. Memorial Day was created to honor and acknowledge the men and women of the military who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. There are families who will have one less chair around the table because of the great sacrifice made by their loved one. We hear stories of lives ended too soon, bravery and suffering for the sake of others.

For those who are interested, there is a great video by Jocko Willink, titled ‘Remember Me’. In the video he gives us a glimpse of life on the front line, and the reality of losing loved ones. Here is the link to watch….

Do you have a Memorial Day Tradition?

A tradition in the Sechler family involves Tim and his sons.  On Memorial Day Tim gathers his boys to watch the video linked above, so they can appreciate the true meaning of Memorial Day. Tim is a veteran who served in the military in Afghanistan. He comes from a military family as both his grandfathers were World War 2 Veterans, his great grandfather was a World War 1 Veteran, and other family members served in the Civil War.

The Story of the old .45

Tim’s great grandfather served in the Dominican Republic in the Peacekeeping force, with the Marine Corps. One day, the forces were clearing out buildings, and Tim’s great grandfather entered a room to find a sickly old man in bed beneath a blanket. He asked the old man if he had any weapons, to which the man replied no.  Tim’s great grandfather proceeded to sweep the room and turned his back on the old man to exit out another door. He didn’t see the old man pull out a .45 revolver from under the blanket, and point the gun at his back. Fortunately, at the same time, another marine entered the room and witnessing this, he proceeded to shoot the old man, saving Tim’s great grandfather’s life. 

It was Tim’s great uncle who shared the story with Tim, and presented him with the old man’s revolver. While the revolver is about 100 years old and inoperable, it is one of the family’s most treasured heirlooms. The revolver has meaning for Tim and his family, since it demonstrates the fragility of life, while highlighting the importance of sharing stories. Tim is grateful that his great Uncle was alive to tell the story, which Tim has shared with others. He believes the story has powerful lessons relating to teamwork, defending and helping others.

Share your Stories

What stories do you have, which nobody knows about, and that will pass away when you do? Many veterans have stories too traumatic to share from their time serving. However, if you are comfortable with telling your story, please do so. Sharing your legacy and knowledge is powerful for future generations. 

We all have a story

Tim has shared the story of his grandfather in podcasts and workshops. His grandfather was a World War 2 Vet, and was one of the main reasons Tim pursued Elder Law. Tim’s grandfather had a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease, and spent 10 years in a nursing home. Despite being a veteran, his grandfather spent a lot of money on long term care, without any help. It is a real shame when Tim hears people talk about his grandfather’s lost legacy. Many say how sad it is the way it all ended. Tim’s biggest frustration is that the estate plan his grandfather had, failed to adequately protect his assets.  His grandfather served in the military in World War 2, raised six kids, ran a dairy farm, and led an interesting life. Sadly, this was overshadowed by the financial devastation of his last chapter, and his legacy was shaped by this.

Let us Remember

We all have stories full of chapters and scenarios over which we had no control.  We do however have a bit of control about the final chapter. Sechler Law Firm helps families through some of the most difficult chapters of their lives. Let us focus on the sacrifices of our military this Memorial Day, and think about those who are left behind.  I encourage you to take this opportunity to think about your responsibility to plan for your family. Have you thought about how do you want your story to be told, when your family is left behind?

How will you tell your story?

At Sechler Law Firm, we spend a lot of time with our clients. We want to learn about their family, their hopes, dreams and goals for the future. Focussing on their house and assets, we craft an estate plan to protect and preserve what matters most to them. We work with them to enable their final chapter to be legacy shaping – one of provision and protection. 

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